Museum Goods

There are Pu-chan's goods.
(He is Mascot characer of this “Tate-kun Museum”)
These are original goods, so you don't get anywhere else.
Because these were made by owner, Handmade !
How do you like it for souvenir ?

My name is Pu-suke
Please call me
“Pu - chan”

  • Pu-chan figure style figurine L - size

    Pu-chan figure style figurine L - size


    The museum's mascot character “Pu-chan” is three-dimensionalized!
    The original “figure-style figurines” produced by the director himself, such as modeling and coloring
    Large size version.
    Size: Approx. 8 cm (including pedestal)

  • Pu-chan figure style figurine

    Pu-chan figure style figurine


    Figure-style figurine small size version.
    Size: Approximately 5cm in size (including pedestal)
    Currently, there are 4 styles and 11 different colors available.

    ・Standard, Kakosama ver
    ・Crested hakama ver (red, white, gold, black)
    ・Yukata ver (blue, yellow, green)
    ・ Hanten ver (orange, pink)

  • Pu-chan T-shirt Black

    Pu-chan T-shirt Black


    A black version of the T-shirt with an illustration of Pu-chan on the chest.
    We have 3 sizes of M, L, and XS.

  • Pu-chan T-shirt Red

    Pu-chan T-shirt Red


    A red version of the T-shirt with an illustration of Pu-chan on the chest and a tourist attraction in Kyoto in the background.
    We have 4 sizes of S, M, L, and XS.

  • Pu-chan Can Badge

    Pu-chan Can Badge


    A tin badge with an illustration of Pu-chan.
    There are 3 patterns.

  • Tate-kun Museum! Postcard

    Tate-kun Museum! Postcard


    Postcards featuring three characters from the web manga “Soyokaze Pu-chan” and the four seasons of Kyoto around the museum.

    ・Spring: Kyoto Imperial Garden
    ・Summer: Horikawa
    ・Autumn: Shokokuji Temple
    ・Winter: Kamishichiken

LINE stamp

We sell Pu-chan's LINE stamps.
Purchase from the link below or QR code.

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