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10:00 ~ 20:00 (Last19:00)




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Flow of appreciation

  1. Flow of appreciation No.1

    Please pay the entrance fee at 1F and remove it and take it off.

  2. Flow of appreciation No.2

    It is a request in the museum. We appreciate your cooperation.

  3. Flow of appreciation No.3

    Please take care and raise the stairs. A pleasant space is waiting.

  4. Flow of appreciation No.4

    Please return to your child's mind and watch slowly.

  5. Flow of appreciation No.5

    How about taking a commemorative photo with our mascot character, Pu-chan?

  6. Flow of appreciation No.6

    Remember children's mind, easy to come again.

Note of appreciation

  • Please do not touch exhibited,figures and case etc.
  • We refuse food and drink, smoking hard.
  • There is no toilet for the customer.
  • The act of causing inconvenience to other customers (making noise or ramping)Those who do not follow attendant's attention · instructions will be sent out.
  • There is no private parking lot bicycle parking space.Please use public transport as it will cause inconvenience in the neighborhood.
  • I do not buy or sell figures.

Please observe the rules!

Please observe the rules!

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